Clients Testimonials

: a few words of appreciation from our beloved clients.

We love our clients and they love us

It's always a pleasure engaging with clients and passing on knowledge and in turn receiving some. Every encounter is always a grande experience, here are some testimonies from some of our clients.

Resolve Group

"Caren is highly professional and knowledgeable in coaching and coaching cross cultural executives with a deep holistic insight into psychological profiles and assessment outcomes for development. Caren is also very inquisitive in understanding cross cultural differences with a deep appreciation and valuing and embracing differences. It is a real pleasure to work with Caren's high performance benchmarks and high levels of energy in Africa and South Africa."

Dr. Willem de Jager Manager Executive Coaching

Department of Defence

"I would like to convey my appreciation to you who communicated a rich professional experience and expertise, whilst facilitating the topic Leadership during the seminar. The high standard of professional ethics promoted undoubtedly contributed to the success of the seminar. Thank you for delivering a product of such high standard and looking forward to future collaboration."

M. K. Mokoena / Maj Gen.

Mteye Human Development & Projects

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us in class. I am impressed by your dynamism."

MBA: Dr Langutani Francinah Mabasa / Clinical Psychologist.

Danniela Chromy

"I really appreciate all your words of wisdom and all you help and support during this year."

Department of Defence

"Wil net se terugvoer stroom in dat die dag internationale status het."

Karin Swart.

GIBS MBA 2008/2009

"Thank you very much for an informative and enlightening experience."

Reza Motani / MBA

Quest Flexible Staffing Solutions

"Many thanks for the time shared with us during this course, I really enjoyed the learning journey. Also for all your expert guidance to enable become true transformational leaders."

Kenlynn Hoosen / HRD & Transformation Manager

South African Revenue Services

"It remains an honour and privilege to have gone through your passionate tutelage and dedicated inspiration. The only way one can express one’s gratitude is by not only doing well in the exams, but by continuously applying the change wisdom bestowed upon us and become distinguished change agents now henceforth! My heartfelt appreciation for the guidance!"

Madimetja William Seloane

Veronica Motloutsi

"May God grant you more knowledge to share in building future leaders Ke a leboga."

Thabang Malebye

"Thanks you....This was indeed very educational in we will need these skills definately. Best regards ."

Daimler South Africa

"Please accept our most sincere thanks for the commitment and excellent delivery of the Leadership programme to our MDP students! We are truly proud of you and humbled, as it is a legible letter of our commitment to give them the BEST learning experience in the industry!"

Stephnie Klaasen

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