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Industrial Relations and Organisational Development Organisation (I.R.O.D.O) was founded in 1997. I.R.O.D.O is a unique consulting firm, consisting of a multi-disciplinary team of well-qualified, highly skilled professionals. We assist clients to improve their performance. Our success is rooted in the effective development of individuals, relationships, teams and organisations. We provide representation at the Labour Court, CCMA and Councils. We differentiate ourselves through being client focused, having a holistic approach and thought leadership in the psychological organisational development and labour law disciplines. Our expertise is in leadership development and we assist leaders in creating conditions to enhance performance and labour relations. We are proud to be South African.

Our work is focused on:
I – The Individual's emotional and spiritual growth and physical well-being, Industrial/workplace focus.
R - Effective, personal, work and labour Relations. We bring people into alliance with each other to enable sustainability of the relationship and organisation.
O - Enhancing Organisational and Team capabilities.
D - Development of organisations and communities through growing people.
O - An Organisation of professionals with similar values from different disciplines, working as a team to address the client's performance holistically. We use a systemic cubic development model.

We enhance effective leadership and dispute resolution in society, through equipping people who resolve disputes with all the necessary skills and knowledge to do this effectively. Irodo Business Code of Ethics. Please feel free to view our services and the tools we use here.

Belbin Team Roles

Belbin developed the instrument based on theories of teamwork. The theory states that we have natural different roles that we play in teams.

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Person-Job-Match Report

The PJM matches the person’s personality (OPQ) and ability (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning) to the job profile (WPS).

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We cherish our clients, and they love us some of their testimonials

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