Coaching Leaders: The 7 'P' Tools to propel change!

: A book by Dr Caren Scheepers.

Author: Dr Caren Scheepers

Title: Coaching Leaders: The 7 'P' Tools to propel change!

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A brief description of the book is provided below as well as a few peer reviews.

ISBN: 978-1-86922-184-3

Book Topic

Coaching Leaders endeavors to assist coaches and leaders to coach their clients or subordinates. The book is also a self-help manual for personal growth in leadership effectiveness. Coaching is defined as an interaction process to facilitate a coachee in achieving goals. Leadership is having influence to bring about change. Therefore, coaching leaders involves facilitation of leaders’ improvement of their leadership skills.


The demand for coaching is growing rapidly. Many coaches are entering the market, without adequate education in the field. The book integrates literature on coaching, leadership and psychology into 7 Tools to assist in the actual conducting of coaching. Coaches could utilize the tools, without having had spent years at university. Most coaching books are theoretical and do not assist in actual methodologies to utilize during a coaching session. Therefore, this book provides a toolbox to utilize in coaching. It goes further to assist coaches to coach towards a leadership blueprint to truly add value to not only the individual leader, but the organization’s effectiveness. A model is provided for large scale coaching interventions in organizations.

What makes this book unique?

Each of the 7 P Tools, provide direction to coaching leaders. It provides a sequence of themes to address during individual or team coaching as well as a build up to an organizational intervention. A Leadership 360 degree assessment is provided as well as an evaluation tool for a large scale coaching interventions. It provides the notion that executive coaching should provide leadership coaching skills and building of a coaching culture in the organization, where leaders coach one another.

The 7 'P' Tools are:

  1. 1. Purpose coaching to affect inspirational leaders
  2. 2. Progress coaching to affect goal-directed leaders
  3. 3. Process coaching to affect self-regulatory leaders
  4. 4. Perspective coaching to affect objective leaders
  5. 5. Polarity coaching to affect embrace diversity leaders
  6. 6. Political coaching to affect political acumen leaders
  7. 7. Potential coaching to affect cultivate culture leaders

Peer Reviews:

Anize van Zyl: Counselling Psychologist and Coach

Leadership does not come naturally to everyone, much less coaching leaders to become the best at what they do. In this day and age, leaders make or break an organization, and even more importantly: they make or break subordinates.

In her book, Dr Scheepers attempts and succeeds to make this development process easier for everyone. Albeit an intense process, it does not take a specialist coach or psychologist to understand the 7 steps in successfully coaching leaders. Dr Scheepers applies a systems thinking approach and makes use of user-friendly and helpful visual aids and worksheets to guide both the coach and the coachee. She includes psychological theories in practice, and explains them in laymen’s terms that are easy to understand. Furthermore she makes use of real life examples that is easy to relate to and valuable to learn from. This also instils a sense of trust in the reader that the process does in fact work when applied correctly. She touches on all aspects of leadership and includes aspects that are especially important in the South African context, i.e. managing diversity and cultural aspects around leadership. Finally Dr Scheepers includes a reflection process that commences after the coaching process, which integrates the process and sustains change – a process that is missing in many coaching books these days.

Although quite detailed and intense, Dr Scheepers provides an easy-to-follow coaching and development process that can serve as a guideline for many coaches. The 7 steps need not be rigidly applied as one still has the freedom to be flexible and move back and forth between the steps.

Coaching Leaders is aimed at all coaches who want to bring about effective leadership skills in others and ultimately in organizations.

Estelle Coetzer: Industrial Psychologist

As a behavioural scientist, the challenge often lies in creating insight and a level of self-awareness within leaders that will lead to a higher level of consciousness, resulting in changed behaviour. This book undoubtedly provides some key tools and techniques to assist in this process. I found the depicted models very practical and useful. Dr Caren Scheepers has the ability to share personal experiences in an often humorous manner while providing valuable frameworks for individuals that focus on coaching leaders within the workplace.

Niel Steinmann: Peoples Dynamic Development

Dr. Caren Scheepers book is intentionally written to be a working document/ coaching tool for coaches and coaches in leadership.

The book serves as a wonderful citation for coaches. It was not written to be a guidebook on how to, but rather a significant textbook that will empower the reader to design own practical techniques in reference to individual coaching situations.

The 7 “Practical” Tools are creatively prearranged to provide the necessary structure around leadership competencies and I am convinced that Dr Caren’s hard earned coaching experience makes this an authentic resource in leadership development. I was also encouraged that the she highlighted the importance of the coaching relationship throughout the book.

I have found the worksheets particularly beneficial to possibly structure engagements or just answer some of these questions on this developmental journey.

Coaching could often be perceived as an isolated intervention and a reactive development tool. I am convinced that this reference will provide guidelines for a coordinated coaching effort. This will ensure a more balanced faculty of future leaders… “where results and people count”

I am of the opinion that this book has propelled Dr. Caren Scheepers as a thought leader in the field of leadership Coaching and I would therefore highly recommend it. Is your toolbox filled?

Guy Charlton: Author, Human Capital and leadership consultant

This comprehensive work addresses much of the why, what and HOW of leadership coaching from both a practitioner and Organisational perspective. It offers an extensive, multifaceted approach to this seminal topic through its 7 P approach to change. Its indeed rare when deep theory meets wisdom in the art and science of change and is supported by a number of practical application tools. But it’s not always an easy read, as you will be challenged to reflect on and become more accountable for your current practices and assumptions underpinning coaching and Sustainable Performance. There is something to learn for even the seasoned coach and I recommend this to any student and organisation who wants to make a measurable difference in this field.

Phyllis Ndlovu: Kisima

For historical reasons among others, South Africa has specific and relatively unique development needs to augment formal education. The discrepancy between skills set and economic demands mean South Africans need to be innovative about multi-dimensional interventions. Among these is a call for relevant coaching and mentoring interventions.

Dr. Scheepers’ book – Coaching Leaders – comes at a time when there is an oversupply of coaching methodologies, at times many of these not informed by nor grounded in theory. The author’s international exposure to various best practices has allowed her to sift through the “academic noise” and bring to the fore the essence of what is needed. The book brings a fresh and systematic approach to coaching. In addition it is written in a style that appeals to a wide hue of audiences – which makes it even more applicable.

While the book is contextual to the South African context and the unique needs of South Africa, it also enjoys global application for learners, researchers as well as practitioners. Well done Dr. Scheepers for bringing it all together in a systematic way but still have international appeal!

Yet another Proudly South African product to showcase to the world that yes we can!

Coaching Leaders:

The 7 'P' Tools to propel change!

7 Tools have been provided and systematically discussed to provide structure to the content. Each tool starts with the letter “P”, such as “Purpose or Perspective coaching”. The objective, outcome, rational, actual methods and examples have been

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